Welcome to Pizza Blends

Pizza Blends Inc., a pioneer and industry leader in custom flour blending for over 25 years, is the largest manufacturer of proprietary blended product for the pizza industry in the United States. Our customers want convenience, dependability and value from the supplier of their highest volume ingredient – pizza dough – that’s why Pizza Blends continually strives to provide premium quality ingredients in every blend, personalized account management and competitive pricing in a fluctuating economy.

Our service at every level from Research & Development and Operations & Purchasing to Sales & Customer Service and Plant Management provides you with a confidential, consistent and top quality product at every turn. As the largest manufacturer of blended products including dry spice/seasoning mixes, batters, coatings and muffins/breads, Pizza Blends Inc. enjoys strength in buying power that is sure to make our partnership with your company a success.

Pizza Blends Inc. is now a C.H. Guenther & Son company.

Flour Fact: Three critical qualifying components of flour are protein, moisture and ash.