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Dry Blended Products

undefined Custom Flour Blends – With confidentiality of primary importance, the majority of our business relationships are designed to match our customers’ unique and proprietary recipes and to provide all ingredients in one, privately labeled bag. The benefits of moving our customers from a scratch operation to a specially blended product using their original recipe ensures consistent, efficient, high quality performance with each and every batch. Customers with over five stores or utilizing over 750 pounds of flour a week are best suited for Pizza Blends to manufacture a custom blend. The convenience, security and cost effectiveness of using a custom premix for your business is a value beyond measure.

Great American Products – Working through one of our trusted food distributors with whom we are already aligned nationally, smaller chains, start-ups or single restaurants that would like to benefit from using a pizza dough premix have the opportunity with Pizza Blends’ brand of product – The Great American Pizza Crust Premix. The same high-quality ingredients are blended and bagged in a one pallet (100 bags) minimum for those who want the ease and consistency of a superior ‘add water’ product. This one product can be used to make Thin, Thick, Pan, Hand-Tossed or Sheeted pizza crusts and breadsticks/knots. Variations like whole wheat, sour dough, and ultra-grain are also available. Other items in our Great American line include Pretzels, Cinnamon Rolls and Pizza Sauce Spice packets.

Spice/Seasoning Product Line – Using only the finest specialty herbs and seasonings, Pizza Blends has created its’ own zesty pizza sauce spice mix. A variety of Italian ingredients have been blended into a pouch that is added to a #10 can of tomato sauce and left to rest overnight to then begin the foundation of topping your pizzas. For chains warranting higher volume spice needs, we will custom blend your spices according to your recipes.

Flour Fact: Shelf life on all products with yeast is 60 days.