• How long is the shelf life on a product with yeast? 60 days
  • How long is the shelf life on a product without yeast? 6 months
  • How long is the shelf life of a frozen dough product? 90 days
  • What are minimum ordering requirements for dry mix? One pallet of approximately 100 bags or 2,500 pounds.
  • How many dough balls can you get out of an approximate 25 lb. bag of Pre-Mix? Depending on weight, approximately 30 doughballs
  • How do you read the date codes on your bags? Most bags list the date of manufacture unless expressly directed to print an expiration date.
  • What are your labeling requirements? Your company logo, net wt. of bag, where manufactured, ingredient declaration
  • Do you sell gluten free products? No
  • Are you certified Organic? No
  • Do you sell direct? Only in certain instances where the customer pre-pays for the loads
  • Do you ship internationally? Yes. Arrangements are made through PBI Customer Service in conjunction with the customer and a qualified freight forwarding company.
  • Do you have a fleet of trucks in which you deliver? No, however, we coordinate with qualified transportation brokers and our nationwide distributor network to arrange for delivery.
  • What are your order lead times? Minimum two week lead time
Mission Statement
Pizza Blends is committed to consistency and exceeding the quality and service expectations of our customers.